Mounia Boucetta: The last SC resolution signals the failure of the enemies of territorial integrity


The latest Security Council resolution defeats the unrealistic and unilateral solutions handed down by enemies of territorial integrity, the Secretary of State of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation said Monday in Rabat. Mounia Boucetta.

Responding to a central question on "developments in national cause" in the House of Representatives, Boucetta said that Security Council Resolution 2468 states that the contours of the solution must be realistic, pragmatic, sustainable and based on compromise, noting that autonomy initiative is the only solution that aligns with Security Council resolutions, "which frustrates unrealistic and unilateral solutions handed down by enemies of territorial integrity."

The national cause knows, thanks to the real clairvoyant vision, important and very positive developments, namely the recognition of the relevance of the Moroccan approach to the defense of the Kingdom's legitimate rights and the seriousness of the position of Morocco and its countries. compromise to find a solution to this artificial conflict, she said.

These developments illustrate the constant and growing support to Morocco at the international level, in the sense that its efforts are qualified as serious and credible, she said, noting that the last Security Council resolution identified by the name parts of this artificial regional dispute.
In this regard, she said that for the first time since 1975, Algeria is mentioned 5 times, adding that the Security Council recognizes, in the same framework, a strong, continuous and constructive involvement of Algeria. This long-standing regional dispute must be brought to an end.

In the same way, he points out, the kingdom's achievements are always preserved in the defense of its interests, namely, the political solution, the consecration of the autonomy initiative as a solution to this artificial conflict, the call to register the population of the fields of Tindouf, reaffirmation of the historical and legal status of the area east and south of the Moroccan defense system and reiteration of the injunction not to carry out provocative actions.


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