Morning – Grupo Planeta inaugurates its first campus


Grupo Planeta, the main Spanish media and editorial group specialized in training, as well as culture, information and audiovisual entertainment, will organize an official ceremony in Rabat on Thursday 8 November 2018 to inaugurate its first campus in the presence of various Moroccan and Spanish personalities. Through its creation in Morocco, Grupo Planeta consolidates its multinational dimension in the field of higher education, through its subsidiary Planeta Formation Morocco. This new expansion in Morocco marks the Group's ambition to position itself as one of the main partners in the fields of culture and education, with the aim of supporting the country's economic development and market needs. "Our immediate goal for the next academic year is to form a first class of 100. By 2020, we plan to host 1,200 students a year, 50% of which are international, with a particular opening for the countries of the African continent" , said Carlos Giménez, general director of Planeta Formation and Universities. Like the 17 school marks of the "Planet Formation and Universities" Group located in Europe, the Rabat campus is an academic space of excellence, equipped with the latest technologies and educational tools, to ensure future needs of the labor market and the economic and managerial challenges of companies. As a reminder, Planet Formation and Universities has more than 100,000 students per year and more than 500,000 laureates, all sectors together.


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