Thursday , October 21 2021

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Researchers at Harvard University found that people who increased red meat consumption over a period of eight years were more likely to die for the next eight years compared to people who did not increase their meat intake. red.

On the other hand, a reduction in red meat consumption associated with an increase in the consumption of healthier foods reduced the risk of mortality.

"When we reduce red meat, we usually replace it with another," said Emmanuelle Dubuc-Fortin, a nutritionist at Extenso, the University of Montreal's nutritional reference center. And choosing what you eat for replacement can have beneficial effects and play mortality. "

This study is far from being the first to associate consumption of red meat, especially red meat, with health problems – be it type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease or certain types of cancer. (including colon and rectum) – or premature death.

Researchers from North America studied 53,553 participants and 27,916 participants from the Mammoth Nurses & Health Study. They found that the daily addition of at least half a portion of processed red meat increased the risk of mortality by 13%. The addition of the same amount of unprocessed red meat inflated the risk of mortality by 9%.

The researchers also found significant associations between red meat consumption and increased deaths from cardiovascular disease, respiratory diseases or neurodegenerative diseases.

The relationship between red meat and premature mortality was not influenced by the participants' age, their level of sedentary lifestyle, the quality of their diet, smoking or alcohol consumption.

The study also showed that reduced consumption of red meat combined with increased consumption of nuts, poultry, dairy products, eggs, whole grains and vegetables for eight years reduced the risk of mortality in the next eight years.

"You never say to eliminate meat completely," added Mrs. Dubuc-Fortin. "It's about having reasonable servings, not eating every day, varying the protein sources." There is a way to make meatless barbecues, but it's also good to incorporate them. "

However, it should be thought twice before resorting to vegetable protein patties that are currently in a rage.

"These products are not much more interesting from a health point of view than a red meat burger," warned Dubuc-Fortin. It is very rich in saturated fat, so it is not more interesting for cardiovascular health. It really is an ultraprocessed product, full of additives, while a beef burger is meat and nothing more. It's not turning to products like these that will improve our health. "

Researchers believe that the link between red meat and premature mortality is due to a variety of factors that lead to cardiometabolic problems such as saturated fat, heme iron, cholesterol and carcinogens created by high-temperature cooking. The intestinal microbiome was also implicated.

The results of this study were published by BMJ.

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