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Maroc's thanks to the journalist for the illegal avortement

The Rooc of Maroc thanks to the journalist Hajar Raissouni, condemned to a prison for "illegal advancement" and "sex hors mariage", raising the eye for the societal debuts of the weekends of individual freedoms in her pays.

The grace concerns the young woman of 28 years and her son, and that the medical team arrives at the same time as the minister of justice in a public notice.

The journalist of the Arabophone daily life Akhbar Al-Yaoum will be released "from the prochaines heures", at the same time that I have the trust and the genetics which are now the main source of the AFP.

Cette decision et été motivée par "la compassion" et "souci" du roi Mohammed VI de "preserver l'avenir des de fiancés qui compaient fonder de la religieux et la loi, malgré l'erreur qu'a auraient commise ", the prisis of the minister of justice in the communiqué.

I read the decision "without entering the debt souverain that the citoyens marocains sur l'évolution de leur société et dans lequel se invités, by façon regrettable, certains étrangers, intellectuels, averages and NGOs", tenu à souligner the source government.

– "Enfin, une bonne nouvelle!" –

The new release of Hakar Raissouni is rapidly spreading to the societies of the Maroc and the Ranger, all the more so that the motive #freehajar is due to viral arrestation at the end.

"In the end, a good one!", "Merci majesté", "The fair fights in the indifferent countries", "Brave help men and women free of charge and monde", on comment by the netizens.

"Finishing a Decision Sage and Joyeuse", the screenwriting by Twitter Younes Maskine, the publication director of the Akhbar Al-Yaoum journal.

Following the arrestation, Hajar Raissouni found a "political" process on the involvement of these processes and journal.

He also said that after the debacle is a trait for an internal haemorrhage, he is the gynecologist who has confirmed it in the court of Rabat. The jeune couple assure a fiancé dans a cadre religieux and avoir prior to marier my september, a project countered by a arrestation.

Lors du procès, Hajar Raissouni and his son are condemned to a prison. The doctor, a practice in which he or she has been autonomously decreed by the roi, is conducive to two more than one anesthesiologist and a secretariat with respect to one of his prison prisoners.

– "Hors-la-loi" –

These condemnations raise the indignant reactions of the societal reservations and the certain average averages in Maroc and the langer, with the three virulent criticisms of the individual releases of the women and the defenses of the human rights.

A collectif auteur d'un manifesto de "hors-la-loi" signé para 10,000 personnes the demand cette semaine parquet marocain to suspend the application of "lois liberticides" punishment prisoner of the sex hors-mariage, l'adultère et l 'avortement.

Démarche sans precedent to Maroc, the signatures of the manifestation of the "hors-la-loi" proclamation of the violets of the "obsolete" loos sur la moeurs et l'avortement.

By 2018, marocaine justice for persons 14,503 persons for debauchery, 3,048 for adults, 170 for homosexuality, and 73 for avortements, including the unofficial horns. Between 600 and 800 clandestine avortements without practice check journeys to Maroc, on the basis of estimates.

In addition, Parlement is in the process of discussing a penal code reform project, plus defense NGOs on human rights on the basis of the gap between sexual relations between consenting majeurs, l'homosexuality and rupture jeûne pendant le mois de ramadan, actellement passibles de prison.

The text of the debts and the change of questions, apart from the assumption concerning the conditions of violence in the case of violence, the injury and the malformation of the fetus, the corresponding information obtained by the AFP and the different sources judiciaires et parlementaires.

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