Manchester City – Tottenham: Match Report


Which team will challenge Ajax Amsterdam in the Champions League semifinals? A week after Tottenham's 1-0 win against Manchester City in their new stadium, the two English sides met on Wednesday night at Etihad Stadium for their quarterback in the last 16. A ticket for the last four and therefore a double showdown against the Dutch team was at stake, with a semi-final home and the return match at the Amsterdam ArenA. To do this, citizens had to make up for this short delay and win by two goals, while the Spurs could settle for a draw. After the loss in the first leg, Pep Guardiola posted a 4-3-3 with four changes in their starting lineup. Kompany, Mendy, Gundogan and Bernardo Silva were aligned. In front, Mauricio Pochettino came out in 4-2-3-1 with Wanyama and former Paris Saint-Germain player Lucas Moura. For this great European event, you should not be late for Manchester. Because on the first occasion of the game, the Citizens opened the mark and were already approaching.

De Bruyne dismissed the game on the left side of Sterling. The English winger easily eliminated Trippier with a hook to shoot a magnificent shot (4, 1-0). But the joy of the locals was short-lived. For three minutes later, His equalized after a lapse of error Laporte (7, 1-1). As a result, Pep Guardiola's men had no choice. It was necessary to attack to score and win with two difference goals. But the visitors were on fire. Laporte was coming off his defense a lot and was losing the ball. The Spurs, so it was against and Son was served at the entrance to the surface. The South Korean striker stopped his ball before striking a sublime shot that ended in the net (10, 1-2). A start to the game completely crazy, but it was just the beginning. Not killed, the citizens actually returned to the charge and equalized directly. Offense by Agüero, Bernardo Silva opened his foot and his kick, deflected by Rose, led Lloris to the foot (11th, 2-2). Each shot was turned into a goal. Always on the right, De Bruyne lifted his head and crossed in front of the goal. Forgotten by Trippier, Sterling came out to take advantage of his (21, 3-2)!

Fernando Llorente, hero of the Spurs!

After this unbelievable start, the Citizens put their feet on the ball and settled on the Mancunien field. A few minutes earlier, Bernardo Silva repeated his chances but did not hold onto the board this time (32). In front, the Spurs chased the balloon and waited for cons. Not very prominent at the beginning of the match, Agüero saw his shot to be eliminated by Alderweireld (37th). And after attempts by Son (43) and De Bruyne (45), Mr. Çakır sent everyone back into the locker room. In the second half, the players of Pep Guardiola still kept the ball and tried to score the new goal, synonymous with qualifying for the semifinals. In a strong moment, the locals insisted and Lloris saved Tottenham twice. Served back, Sterling found the French goalkeeper, well-assisted by Rose, the author of a tackle in front of Bernardo Silva (51st). Behind, the World Champion flew to the right to ward off a beautiful shot from De Bruyne (54th). For their part, the Spurs no longer saw the surface of Mancunian until the 58th minute.

In a center left, Llorente put his head, but Ederson remained vigilant. And in the next action, the citizens marked this precious goal. Author of a festival in the midfield, De Bruyne served Aguero in the area that fired against Lloris (59th, 4-2). As a result, Manchester City has provisionally qualified for the semifinals, but it was necessary to retain that advantage. The changes were then chained and citizens always threw ball underfoot. However, we had to stay focused backwards. And while he had just made a good start (72), Ederson suffered a third goal soon after. In the left corner, Llorente was ahead of Laporte and sent the ball to the bottom of the elbows (73rd, 4-3). The referee would watch the slow motion to validate or not that goal, and this did not change his decision, judging the Spaniard's arm stuck to the body. Behind, the locals have been pushing to score this goal to access the semifinals. Lloris made another stop (80th) before seeing Gündogan fail at close range (86th). Finally, in overtime, Sterling delivered the Emirates Stadium, but his goal was logically refused by an out-of-play Agüero (90 + 3). At the end of this crazy game, Tottenham bowed 4-3, but qualified for the four finalists.

Relive the movie from the meeting on our live commented.

The man of the game: De Bruyne (8) if he did not find the way to the networks, the Belgian made a great game. A decisive player in Raheem Sterling's opening score, the number 17 saw his center double in the third Mancunian goal. He completed his score by holding a festival before serving Sergio Aguero in the fourth goal.

Manchester City

- Ederson (4.5): if he can do better in the second goal of the Spurs, the Brazilian goalkeeper made the stop that was needed just before Sergio Aguero found the net. A stop that could have been decisive … If he had not lost the action causing the corner that led to the decisive goal of Fernando Llorente.

- Walker (4): Heung-min Son made him a nightmare during the first half. In the wind of South Korea's second goal, the 28-year-old ran well without being able to stop the Spurs' No. 7. Slightly involved offensively, the Englishman delivered an average match, although his second period was better.

- Kompany (6.5): alongside Aymeric Laporte fully to the west and a Kyle Walker fighting Son, the captain of Citizens has floated. Present in the physical impact, clean in its interventions, comforting with the rebirth, the captain carried out his role of leader. Unfortunately for him, it was not enough.

- Laporte (2): he went through hell with a catastrophic start to the game. Involved in the draw of the visitors, restarted directly at the feet of Heung-min Son, the French put their heads under water, performing extra-large control, making the ball to Lucas, who did not. did not ask to be at the origin of the Spurs' second goal. A performance of extreme weakness.

- Mendy (5): absent from the Mancunian group in the first match, he started early to start, chaining technical foul. Offensively, the World Champion tried a lot without much success. A good game, without mention. Replaced in 83 for one Leroy Sané who has not had time to shine.

- Gundogan (6.5): precious for the recovery, the German made an excellent first half in all discretion. Returning from the locker room with the same intentions, the luxury of worrying about the Spurs' defense was offered on several occasions. However, he did not convert what appeared to be a match point catapulting his recovery in the clouds of Etihad (86th).

- David Silva (5): He was surprisingly inaccurate in his kicks as his corner totally ripped in the 39th. Replaced without shining on 63 for one Fernandinho who also did not mark this meeting with his mark.

- De Bruyne (8): look above

- Bernardo Silva (6,5): relegated to the bench during the first clash, the Portuguese proved to their coach that he was wrong to do without him. Gunner on day 11, he was also involved in the third conquest of the city. Generous as usual, the former AS Monaco was not a petty effort.

- Sterling (7): it has long been Kieran Trippier's bad dream. After throwing perfectly the City by putting his shot on the Hugo Lloris network from the 3rd, the extreme offered a double reward for his undeniable generosity. Less found in the second half, he thought of sending the Skyblues to the seventh heaven before being chilled by the VAR.

- Aguero (6,5): if his friends of the attack were illustrated very quickly, the Argentine would have to wait until the end of the first time to trigger his first attack of the night. His second half was of a different caliber witnessed his remote control of missiles in the cage of Hugo Lloris in the 59th.


- Lloris (4.5): three framed shots, three goals conceded. The French goalkeeper started the game very badly. First defenseless in a Sterling (4th) kick, the Spurs captain was caught off guard by Bernardo Silva (11th), before taking a new goal from Sterling (21st). After these failures, however, he caught a crushed De Bruyne attack (45). In the second half, he kept his team in the game, winning against Sterling (50) and De Bruyne (54), but finally conceded another goal, this time signed Aguero (59). At the end of the match, he even saved his own with another stop on an Aguero (80) head,

- Trippier (3): the right side of England suffered in this encounter. Far from Sterling in the opener (4), he was unable to fix the shot afterwards. Caught in the back shortly after (14), he again forgot Sterling in the third goal of Mancunian (21). Behind him, however, he raised his head slightly with a good return to the surface (42). His second period was a little quieter, despite the robberies, but he always left some space.

- Alderweireld (4): Despite the many goals conceded by Tottenham, the Belgian defender was not the most catastrophic. If he could have done better in the opening (4), he removed a center escaping (14) before saving his family, repelling an Agüero shot (37). In the second half, he tried to win the aerial game, but had problems in Mancunian offenses.

- Vertonghen (4): in the first half, the Citizens scored three goals, but the Belgian international could not do much since passing through the corridors. However, after the interval, he almost killed his team, covering Agüero in the fourth goal (59). He, however, picked up a pass from Bernardo Silva in the area (62).

- Rose (3.5): as his teammate on the other side, the English international went through many difficulties. Failing the goal of Bernardo Silva (11th), since he changed the trajectory of the kick, the 28 year old left much free field for De Bruyne (21st) in the third goal. So he showed better things with a ransom in front of Bernardo Silva (50th). But overall, their departure was not very good. At the end of the game, Sanchez took his place (90th).

- Sissoko (without note): The striker of a stratospheric match last week, the French midfielder appeared to be out of touch tonight on the pitch at Etihad Stadium. Alongside Wanyama in the midfield, the 29-year-old did not show much. Wounded then to the adductors, he had to leave his place to Llorente (note 41: 6). Transparent after coming into play, the Spaniard waited for the second period to shine with a shot in the head of Ederson (58). But the second attempt ended at the bottom of the net in a corner (73). A very important goal as he sends Tottenham to the semifinals!

- Wanyama (4,5): In front of his defense, the Nigerian had problems to intercept the transmissions adversaries, but still made a good copy. After a counterattack (3), he remained concentrated against the midfield of Mancunian, as in an excellent tackle (26th) in good position. Overall, he tried to intervene, but citizens often made the difference in between.

- Alli (4): The English international, who was initially placed on the right-hand lane, was the first involved in the first goal of his team, who sought Eriksen (7). But then it disappeared as and when the radar. He lost some dangerous balls in midfield.

- Eriksen (4.5): a little less in sight than the other offensive elements of the Spurs, the Danish international did not have much the ball. However, he appeared when he had leather on his feet, since he often tried his luck (20, 59, 77). The 27-year-old, therefore, tried things offensively.

- Lucas (5): Head of this meeting, the former player of Paris Saint-Germain was decisive in the two goals of his own. In the tie, he picked up the ball to speed up the game (7). And in the second goal of Son, he recovered the ball at the feet of Laporte to organize against (9). But behind, like his teammates in the bout, was a little less seen, the guilt of citizens who confiscated the ball. Substituted for Davies (81st).

- Your (7): Already decisive last week in giving Tottenham a victory, South Korea was again important tonight. Present at the entrance of the surface to equal after the bad clearance of Laporte (7), he scored a double of a sublime shooting injury (9). Always dangerous in the opponent's field, he even brushed the hat-trick in a slightly crossed over (43e). But after the interval, the Spurs scorer did not have much to do.


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