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Les banques americas encore replies to s'ouvrir au secteur du cannabis

Hope Wiseman is said to be "a la merci" by her banque qui peut fermer son compte n'import when. Because he has sold medical cannabis, the recent vote for a facilitator for the banking sector for the marijuana profession is a premier victoire.

The "Mary and Main" Dispensary, Capitol Heights in Maryland, Mme Wiseman's souffrent patients with migraines, chronique maladies or depression.

Cannabis in medical use is legal in 33 Etats et Washington. Eleven Etats in addition to the American capital on the other hand for a recent use.

More so the female doctor considers cannabis jams as a drug addict, the same as cocaine, and the most important banks for the drug addiction to them by the profession of marijuana.

Hope Wiseman's bank is on the side of her side with the customer. "On pay of frais is a partner who is not a secteur is three specials," says Jeune Femme, who has another trade in print 2018.

The transactions are surrendered in liquidation and the agent met plus more on their own account. The two donc "jongler with the facts or the salaries of the employers".

He is a complete banker, who may have been a banker to a bankruptcy of transactions, he is using it for his fathers to cry out from his acheteurs, and his counterpart to a major credit, the major refusants les clients à risque comme elle.

– "Petit pas" –

The correspondence of the bankers is aimed at the sociétés regulièrement or occasion lellement au cannabis.

Jenn Michelle Pedini, head of envelope NORML, for a pro-cannabis lobbies, explain to the FPA that the "I have problems" with the administration when a member of the society is able to sell cannabis to the monter Son affaire.

The secteur is pouring into the expansion pleine: the genre plus 10 milliards of dollars of revenus and pouring until 56 milliards in 2025, for the pro-legalization lobbies.

More than 11,000 American banks and credit institutions, 700 of them with the help of cannabis societies, and the ministry of Trésor.

According to her, the Chamber of Representatives, she has adopted a text to protect cannabis professions and the joint ventures of judicial or tax authorities for the Federal Office.

The "SAFE Banking Act" has consistently made use of such partisans, the risks of cambriolage or the violent braking of a liquid agent secteur is roi.

The opposers to the text focus on one plus the facile and the control of the financial sector for the drug cartels.

Selon Tanner Daniel, Head of Relations with the Congress for the American Banking Association (ABA), is voting for "petition in advance".

– Taxer les revenus –

"The ABA in the position of the delegation, 99% more of us in a position to make clarifications," said the United Nations forum on the recent question. Selon lui, 75% of the members of the ABA on the basis of the potential of clients potentially associated with the cannabis industry.

The text of two touches was encore to vote for Senat, controlled by the Republics, but opposed to cannabis.

Michael Correia, from the National Cannabis Industry Association lobby, estimates that Congres "in this country is ready to discuss de legalization".

Advances from the local level, said, the elus "coming from the polls and the elect".

He is known to be Thiru Vignarajah, formerly looking for an adjoint of Maryland and a candidate for the Baltimore Mairie.

If you are in Avril 2020, "in our premier serions (in Maryland) with the legalizer, as long as the Etat suive," I explain to the l'AFP.

I have also seen taxers on the sale of cannabis thanks to a crypto-monnaial guarantee for the municipality, to invest massively in education.

The legalization permettrait also came from the fight against the criminality of Baltimore, one of the villains and the most violent pays.

"So much of the homicide is one of the most over the pays, and most of the gang warfare," he said, especially as marijuana does not concern any part of the trafficking.

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