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Learning to live with the tiger mosquito in Lot-et-Garonne – 04/29/2019

Beatrice Lagarde, mayor of Lot-et-Garonne, reported yesterday the presence of the mosquito rod in Lot-et-Garonne, where it is deployed and active. Enhanced surveillance is effective from May 1 to November 30.

A few years ago, a group of graphic designers from Bordeaux wrote a hilarious book: "Mosquitoes do not like applause." The beast, especially its tiger model – the aedes albopictus for those who want to shine in the family's Sunday meal – does not make anyone laugh in Lot-et-Garonne. The flying tiger is able, under certain specific conditions, to transmit to man the dengue virus, chikungunya and zika. It is called a tiger, but it is small (it is less big than a piece of euro). It has black and white stripes. It has a great adaptability, including insecticides.
The Lot-et-Garonnais know him well, since the female spoils them in the summer, often in the hour of the cocktail. The department is ranked at level 1 of the National Anti-Seminal Plan, that is, this tiger mosquito originating in the tropical forests of Southeast Asia is established and active. With 18 new towns or villages colonized, 105 municipalities of 47, the most populous, are now affected. This represents 78.27% of the population of 47.

The problem of neighbors and cemeteries in the city center

"So we'll have to learn to live with," summed up yesterday, Beatrice Lagarde. The mayor launched the communication campaign of 2019 with a simple message: "cut the mosquito water". Enhanced surveillance is effective from May 1 to November 30. Eric Morival, director of the Regional Health Agency (ARS), Charles Tizon, director of Altopictus – experts in mosquito control -. Pascale Trijaud, Public Health Reference 47, Jean-Manuel Torres, Permanent Center for Environmental Initiatives, all of us who love us, explained and presented the actions to be taken to combat this "real plague".
Recall that in 2018, there were two reports of suspected cases by the LRA, but they were reversed after the investigation. In 2019, the fight continues, for example, with new traps installed near the hospitals of Agen, Villeneuve-sur-Lot, Marmande-Tonneins and the Esquirol-Saint-Hilaire clinic in Agen. Twelve other traps will be placed in Castillonnès, Lauzun, Levignac-de-Guyenne, Monsempron-Libos, Sauveterre-La-Lemance and Tournon-d & # 39; Agenais.
To prevent virus transmission and protect yourself (read our box: simple actions to remember), the basic idea is that everyone should act as citizens. Do not hesitate to convince your neighbor: he must also throw water from the glass under his geranium. There are, however, some sensitive points, complicated to solve, such as the cemeteries in the center of the city where, to keep the graves, the water stays under the flowers, stagnant. Larvae abound there.

Simple gestures of knowing

No measures are 100% effective, but the Regional Health Agency, the department of Lot-et-Garonne and the Municipality are advocating simple actions to protect the tiger mosquito in Lot-et-Garonne (and elsewhere).
To eliminate mosquito larvae
– Eliminate places where water can stagnate: small debris, bulky tires, used (you can fill them with dirt if you do not want to throw them), green waste.
– Change the water of plants and flowers once a week or, if possible, remove the saucers from the pots; Replace vase water with wet sand.
– Check rainwater and wastewater flow and regularly clean gutters, drains, gutters and drains.
– Cover the water tanks with a mosquito net or a simple cloth: water cans, cisterns, basins.
– Cover the unused swimming pools and evacuate the water from the tarps or treat the water (bleach, chlorine pebbles …).
To protect against stings
It is during the day that you have to protect yourself because the tiger mosquito has daytime activity.
– Wear long clothing and protect your feet and ankles. The impregnation of clothes with insecticides reinforces this protection.
– Use skin repellents. They contain an active ingredient that repels insects without killing them (to be applied to all parts of the body (except mucous membranes and extensive skin lesions), including the face.
The list is anti-mosquito repellent is available at
– In the habitat, it is possible to equip doors and windows with mosquito nets to reduce the presence of mosquitoes. Note that the smoke rollers should only be used outdoors or in a well-ventilated environment.
Report the presence of the mosquito
It is important that the population not affected by this nuisance related to the tiger mosquito reports its presence through the portal

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