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Launch of CRI in the new generation of its proclamation

Launch of CRI in the new generation of its proclamation

INVESTISSEMENT – The premier Centers Régionaux d´investissement (CRI), in new generation, in front of the journals prochaine. This is what you want, on November 4, 2019 to Casablanca, the Minister of l'Intérieur, Abdelouafi Laftit.

Lors d'une reschedules the General Confederation of Maroc Entrepreneurship (CGEM), on the theme 'Financing Project 2020: for the consolidation of confidence and a glimpse of investment', Laftit indicates on the CRI, which is in force, places in new centers as well as partners and facilitators of investment.

On one occasion, Laftit affirms that the old CRIs on a mission have to pass to simply make the points of the registration of decisions. 'The CRI, in another generation, in place for a leader,' the creation of the example and the bientree of Marocains. These are for the purpose of establishing the trust between the investor, the administration, and the self-employed, the soulign.

Some of the new structures, direct premieres, and other nomenclements on November 7, 2019, do not have any additional derogations for the immobilier but to be added to the investment product.

The organization of futures CRI comprises a unique commission for investing in the dossiers of a prisons d 'a mois and who has to remedy the commissions of recensions which are locally based for the purpose of investing.

The minister gives the general evidence that the decisions that have to be made to the unanimity of the centers level, will be made abnormal to the majority, which needs to be constituted by a revolution in the administration of the development of the organization. l'acte d'investissement.

In a knowledge of the face of difficulties in the creation of entrepreneurship and investment development, Laftit notes that the CRI proposing the special cells that have been consecrated with the resolution and resolution of investor problems .

'The Diffusion of Ancestors CRI which is especially specialized in a certain number of economic sectors, and in other trait structures of all their distinctions', a-t-ajouté.

Concerning the loi sur les terres collectives, Laftit indicates that it allows for the direct assignment of the source to private investors who have little to do with the land that the bays of an ethical organization.

For a few, all of the public lands that have been troubled by the large villages that are also known to be for real estate projects will be reserved exclusively for investment in products notably for the industrial zones, the souligner of the minister.

In this sense, Laftit is the source of the flight to invest in the regional level in the region, in the context of the charter of the deconcentration, in the context of simplification, and in between 'investisseur.

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