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Kelaât M & # 39; Gouna: Organization of a carnival in the colors of rose

A grand carnival in the colors of the rose was held on Saturday at Kelaat M & # 39; Gouna (Tinghir province) as part of the 57th International Pink Perfume Festival (April 24-28).

The organization of this carnival aims to shed light and highlight the intangible cultural heritage of this region of the kingdom.

Local and regional folk groups toured the main arteries of the city to celebrate in festive mood the product of the perfume that came with the rhythm of songs and dances and artistic performances created by local and regional troupes.

This carnival was organized after the closing of the festivities for the election of "The Queen of the Rose of 2019". For this edition, the young Soukaina Bamzil was chosen "Queen of the Rose".

Placed under the High Sponsorship of HM King Mohammed VI and organized under the theme "Pink perfume, a strong employment lever and local economic dynamics", the Salon de la Rose is an annual event designed to highlight the Rose à parfum that characterizes the Kelaât M & # 39; Gouna and that contributes to the development of the region, revitalizing its economy and highlighting the potentialities that it enjoys.

This edition includes a series of activities, including scientific seminars and round tables organized by researchers, academics and practitioners around various topics related to the development prospects of the Rose perfume industry.

The festival also offers various cultural and artistic activities, highlighting the immaterial and human heritage of the region.

As a reminder, Morocco is the third largest producer of perfume roses worldwide.

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