José Mourinho has his little idea in the final poster


Playing around TV and media programs in the broad sense of the term, José Mourinho gave an interview to AFP. The Portuguese coach took the opportunity to discuss the Champions League and played the predictions game. According to him, the final will oppose Juventus FC Barcelona: "Juventus and Barcelona are the two favorites for the Champions League win, but the English clubs Ajax and FC Porto are also in the competition."

Supporting his comments, the former Manchester United coach explained, however, that these two formations were summed up to the stars Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi: Everyone talks about Messi and Ronaldo, I prefer to talk about Juventus and Barcelona. Everyone focuses on individualities, but football will always be a collective sport. The Bianconeri and the Blaugranas have experience, talent and a special player. Usually, where these players evolve, teams become the best.


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