Johnny Hallyday: This documentary features his dark side


Last night, around 9 pm, the chain W9 had to release a new documentary on the wife of rocking chair Johnny Hallyday. A documentary of a new type, since this does not refer directly to the artist, but to his entourage. An excerpt was widely spoken.

Meeting in 1995, on the Miami side, Laeticia Hallyday and Johnny will be married the following year. They will be together until the death of the singer in December 2017. A life enameled many pleasures, such as the arrival of his two girls, but also some hard shots. This honeymoon day should remain forever etched in the memory of the young the news since she almost died!

Laeticia would have been very scared

In fact, while both dinner next to St. Barts with some friends, including Andrew Boudouthe father of the bride Johnny is an alcoholic A little too much to taste the news in addition, since laterAndrew Boudou has the called " my Johnny "Provocatively, the latter will respond to you" and you, you know it's my cunt! ". riled up, Boudou will then quickly leave the table.

Alcohol, the rock demon

nervous the news then asks her husband to apologize to his father, something he will refuse to do. Even worsehe will ask the news be silent before throwing him violently in the water. Dangerous and extreme behavior that has just confirmed the statements of some people, who have accused Johnny have a completely different behavior when he was drunk. Luckily things went back to normal and the family got off to a good start.


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