Friday , October 22 2021

International Day Against Lyme Disease passes through Lyon


This Saturday, many meetings are scheduled throughout France, as part of an international movement denouncing the denial of Lyme patients. This will be the case in Lyon, where the associations chose to call a human chain with a green ribbon, their symbol.

Lyme disease, or Lyme borreliosis, affects 27,000 people every year in France. It is an infection caused by bacteria transmitted during a tick bite. The infection is often without symptoms. However, it can cause a sometimes disabling illness (lasting joint pain, partial paralysis of limbs …).

Raise awareness and protest

Sensitizing and protesting are the two goals of the International Day Against Lyme Disease. Raise awareness about prevention: Ticks in forests, gardens and fields can contaminate hikers and anyone in contact with nature.

France Lyme, the association against vector-borne tick-borne diseases, also wants to express a strong protest denouncing the inadequacy of diagnostic tests for tick-borne diseases as well as serious research into these pathologies. The following report illustrates this delay in scientific research for lack of funding.

Lyme disease: paralyzed research
The Ministry of Health and the High Health Authority believe that it is urgent that the research advances in Lyme disease. However, no credit is dedicated to this.
In an interview: Anna Brugnera, MEP LREM of the Rhône group, Lyme of the National Assembly: Bernard Perrut, MP LR of the Rhône – F3RA

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