Intel pulls out 5G chip market on smart phones


Intel's announcement refers specifically to the "modem" components, which are used to connect mobile devices to telecommunications networks and were at the center of the legal dispute between Qualcomm and Apple.

Intel will also study the "opportunities" for 4G and 5G modem chips on PCs, connected objects and other devices by managing data and "will continue to invest in its activities in the 5G network infrastructure," the group wrote in a statement.

"5G is still a strategic priority for Intel," but "on smartphones, it's clear there's no clear path to profitability," said chief Bob Swan, quoted in the statement.

Intel "will provide customer orders for its 4G modem, but does not plan to launch 5G modems for smartphones, including those planned for 2020," Intel wrote.

5G is the new ultra fast mobile internet being deployed. Requires new terminals equipped with 5G chips and specific network infrastructures.

In conflict with Qualcomm for more than two years, Apple turned to Intel. Qualcomm and Apple ended their court battle on Tuesday, closing a multi-year component supply contract.


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