In Bourges, "Champagne for all!", It's the Higelin we celebrate


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Bourges (AFP)

In his historic fortress of the Printemps de Bourges, it is the "great Jacques," missing a year ago, who is about to celebrate Higelin's closure on Thursday: his sons in the lead, Izia, Arthur H and Ken and their friends.

There will be no less than fifteen artists to succeed on stage at the Palais d'Auron on the 18:00 shootings: singers Camille, Jeanne Added and Jeanne Cherhal, singer Rodolphe Burger, actor Mathieu Amalric, filmmaker Fred Poulet , percussionist Dominique Mahut, bassist Sarah Murcia, saxophonist Frédéric Gastard, trombonist Matthias Mahler, keyboardist Sébastien Cortella, guitarist Alice Botté.

For an hour and a half that everyone promises to be cheerful, moving, confused, they will strive to honor, even more than Higelin's memory, his spirit of freedom, his wind of madness, during a creation whose title "Jacques, Joseph, Victor Dort "borrows the show that the rock poet presented at Cirque d 'Hiver in 1981.

The content of the show will not, however, be modeled on these "mythical" concerts that have strengthened its reputation as a masterful showman, capable of lasting until the end of the night's performance. On the other hand, he will not be so far from the celebration, sublime and crazy of faith, that his family and friends organized in Cirque d 'Hiver, before his burial in the cemetery of Pere-Lachaise.

"We did not want anything very formatted, neither a tribute nor a tribute concert, just a live moment around their songs," says Arthur H.

– "Let's try to be … confused –

"Jacques was organized and confused and to be faithful to him, let's try to be … confused," smiles the older brother under his hat.

"The spontaneous celebration that we proposed last year, Jacques would have liked to live it, so this moment was incredible. We are sure that today's show will be the same, even if we are not animated by the same emotion: we had to regret this burial, "says Izia Higelin, who showed extraordinary energy during the homage to her father while she was five months pregnant with her first child.

"The ceremony, which was also the last show of Jacques, was born of a spontaneous desire, and was made naturally, as a new rite, faithful to its immoderation." There, there can not be the same emotional charge, but let's celebrate your spirit that surrounds us all, "says Arthur H.

If the coffin, with Higelin resting inside, enthroned in the center of the Cirque d 'Hiver lane, this time will be his piano around which will sing and play the artists, placed on a central stage.

"It creates an intimate relationship for us and at the same time shares with the public," argues Izia Higelin.

At the Palais d'Auron, the repertoire of Higelin will be revisited without referring only to the tubes. Each artist chose their titles, and others even propose unpublished compositions, such as Jeanne Cherhal, Izia and Arthur H.

"And the spark + hygienic + to exist!" Warns Kên.


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