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Umnia Bank announced the signing of the first investment deposit agreement dated June 12, 2019. "It is a brick that completes the construction of the general offer of the participating banks," explains Abdessamad Issami, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Banco Umnia , contacted occasionally.

The operation of the investment deposit, based on the principles of Mudaraba, where the client acts as an investor and the bank as a manager, is aimed at private clients, professionals and companies with savings they want to make. grow responsibly and in accordance with the views of the Shariaa Committee on Participatory Finance. Investment deposits contribute to the emergence of ethical economies that contribute to the development of the national economy through the bank's financing portfolio, says Umnia Bank, adding that the return of the portfolio is therefore shared among clients. and the bank according to an agreed distribution at the time of signing the contract.

"In this model of investment deposits, the client deposits the money in the bank that shares his income with a pre-established distribution key," says Issami. "It is first and foremost a key to revenue sharing, which makes it possible to interest the customer in relation to the bank's achievements, regardless of its expenses," he adds.

According to him, there are three main characteristics: first, it is a model that has obtained the seal of compliance of the OSC. It is also a model that, in addition to being transparent, in the sense that the customer is eyeing the banking achievements, is flexible. In other words, all values ​​are allowed from 5.000DH. "We target virtually all stock markets, with maturities starting at 3 months," Issami says. It should be noted that this is a standard contract for all banks.

The investments are bank-financed projects. "The client becomes a partner in our balance sheet," said bank chief Umina. Clearly, the returns that the bank will generate on its entire balance sheet, through the 3 types of financing (Murabaha equipment, Murabaha auto and real estate) will be "shared" with the customer. Ingenious, since this model brings to the saver the bank's overall economic risk, considered weak and diversified, rather than a project risk.

Investment deposits contribute to the emergence of large-scale Sharia accounting economies and, in part, help overcome the problem of bank resources.

Educational videos are available at www.umniabank.ma, while the customer relationship center (available at 0522646264) and Banco Umnia branches located throughout the Kingdom are available to customers to answer all your questions. .



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