Great national debate: the Lot and the Tarn, champions of the participation of France


According to a Figaro poll published on Wednesday (paid link), the great national debate launched in January on the initiative of the President of the Republic to respond to the crisis of the yellow jackets is now well launched.
As of February 5, 3564 meetings were organized in the metropolitan departments, out of a total of 3646 organized across the country.
This issue also includes discussions scheduled for the end of March.
Geographic analysis shows that, compared to the number of inhabitants, rural departments are the most mobilized.

In Occitan, two departments are concerned, Lot and Tarn:

  • 12.69 meetings per 100,000 inhabitants in the lot
  • 10.63 meetings per 100,000 inhabitants in the Tarn.

By way of comparison, the main prize of the citizens' initiative goes to the Alpes-de-Hautes-Provence, with 18.45 per 100,000 inhabitants.

Other departments such as Haute-Saône, Orne or Drôme are at the top of the data mobilization.
All have in common being rural or landlocked departments, often dependent on the car for their travels and victims of moving away from companies or public services.

In the departments where Emmanuel Macron was promoting the consultation, the proportion of debates is greater.
The lot, which received the President of the Republic on January 18, is the third most active department of 2 points in front of the Drôme, visited on January 24.

The citizen consultation is also open online at the platform


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