Google Photos also scans professional documents


The Google Photos app lets you scan documents automatically. The new feature wants to save time for professionals.

(CCM) – The latest Google Photos update brought the possibility of cut and adjust documents automaticallyinvoices or receipts. Announced in a official tweet (link in English), the feature can save valuable time for practitioners using Google photos for your work.

In addition to saving and editing photos that have always been offered, Google photos turns into a productivity application with its latest update. When a user takes a photo, the application automatically offers to trim and adjust it. In one click, the superfluous edges are removed and the photo is adjusted to the size of the original document. The solution also change orientation document and pass it in black and white.

The new option dubbed "Cut and Fit" allows individuals to format their important documents or scan your bills and expense tickets easily, before storing them online. Note: In addition to "Crop and Adjust", you can also use the "Lens" function of the application to recognize the text automatically present in a document and the "copy and paste".

The update of Google photos is being released in the Play Store.

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