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From Chagall to Caesar, the line of the crypt to a master of the genre

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Paris (AFP)

Il targu d'avoir réalisé "Caesar's davantage d'oeuvres" that the sculptor lui-même. Withdrawing from affaires, the fussaire Eric Piedoie Le Tiec revives on his flamboyant parcels, is more than a few prisoners who do not yet have the passion for him.

Aujourd'hui encore, dit-il, il "voit" certaines de ses "oeuvres" on the internet: "I already have a façade of the choses. Even collaborators – even more complicated – in the self-employed and the three of them. the différence ", by using the sexagénaire lors d'un entertainments at the AFP, at the occasion of the sorting and jeudi in the autobiographical librairie" Confessions of a Faussaire "(éditions Max Milo).

Long-term with the "main preemptive of the processes of faux Caesar", cet ancien "pirate de l'art" are abnormal galeriste and march of Grasse, in the south of France, and peint if these propres uvres.

Onwards with the new head of the house, and he is with him, he is with his thanks to the noble faux de Miro, Toulouse-Lautrec, Chagall, and the Caesar surtout – the mother of the compressions of the objets – écoulés sur le marché de l'art.

A "pass-temps" for the occupant pending the environment, not in prison, to subsidize the besoins of a "sex, drugs and rock 'n roll". An inspirational plot by Fernand Legros, which is considered to be one of the most important features of the late twentieth century, plus aussi and surtout, so-called, goût l'art.

"I have the intention to help the artists, to the travail, to the fil d'Ariane … And I recommend it to the faire for my understanding," he explained.

"From the technique, the faucet of the spell of the artist. It is as a theater artist: he is in between his son, and he will be bidon. cerveau, the arcane of sa pensée ".

– Come from the faux –

Former student in the arts, Eric Piedoie Le Tiec the great présent of Saint-Paul-de-Vence, patron of the adoption of Chagall and Giacometti and theater of an intense artistic scene in the 70s.

"En manque d'argent", tout commence for the autour d'une tasse de thé noir. A flicker of a feuille of one of these for the purpose of it and the execution of a dissection of a catalog of Raoul Dufy. Premier essay concluding: the result of the sale of the equivalent result of 900 euros to a dealer.

Debuting all the way to the center, the croise of the pop art, Andy Warhol, the words of the deficit, if I am thinking of him and the North American militant James Baldwin, head of the workshops 'artists who are mostly celestial and believe in faux a la pelle, all along with the experts.

D'où cette interrogation rapportée au free sound debut: n'aura-t-il pas lui me realisé sans savoir "des clones de fausses? Uvres, même authentifiées?"

The only thing to do with the faux, it is difficult for her to clair. "A good faux, and you're never faux, this is parfait dans l'artiste's spit. A good faux faux is a faux faux," résume-t-il dans a pirouette.

"I don't know how to lose the story. (…) Personne. They are on the side of the Argentine. The work is a parfait for the people who don't tell me. plaindre ".

A march in the pleine accelération aussi, with the uvres s'envolant to the astronomical somes in the record times.

"The art, the drug addict, and the sales if they are good, and they'll be a savvy to the financier," concludes one observer of Choix, who is likely to fly with her in a non-effective film. parcels haut en couleurs.

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