Financial and digital inclusion: a forum to better serve the TPE


"Financial and digital inclusion, new catalysts of opportunities for VSEs", is the theme chosen for the 5th edition of the International VSE Forum. Objective: To reflect with the institutions, specialists and experts from the world of financial and digital inclusion, regarding access to and use of financial services and means of payment.

Organized by Attitudes Conseil, in partnership with the Mohammed VI Solidarity Microfinance Support Center, under the aegis of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Digital Investment, and the Ministry of Labor and Professional Integration, this conference was an opportunity to discuss various topics, including the challenges and opportunities for financial and digital inclusion in Morocco for micro-enterprises, self-entrepreneurs and micro-enterprises, and innovation in products and services. financial services, prospects and challenges of the financial system for financial inclusion. Speaking at the opening of the TPE International Forum, Mohamed Yatim said that financial and digital inclusion is part of the government's priorities and the National Employment Promotion Plan, which aims to facilitate access to employment and develop human capital and strengthen its capacities. "The VSEs are a lever for economic and social development and a factor that contributes to improving the standard of living of the population, creating wealth and promoting national investment, especially for a country like Morocco, in the midst of an economic boom," he noted . "Where does the need to put in place a solid financing system and an integrated digital device to support the process of promoting these enterprises, meet the challenge of employment and reduce the unemployment rate, particularly between countries?" Mohammed Idrissi Sghiouar, the director of the Mohammed VI Center for Support of Microfinance in Solidarity, said that this meeting is being held under the High Royal Guidelines on the need to carry out a detailed examination of the mechanisms and programs of public support for youth employment and is at the heart of the Center's concern to adopt effective systems to encourage young people to work on their own account.He also emphasized the importance of coaching, training, marketing support and market research in promoting microentrepreneurs According to Idrissi, financial and digital inclusion offers business opportunities that can stimulate employment opportunities in regions where economic activity is weak, and FITPE president Amal Cherif Haouat emphasized the contribution of digital transformation and of the digital revolution for Morocco, highlighting the role of small companies as the growth engine of all countries, but without innovation and technology, would never be able to develop in an increasingly globalized world. "Digital technology can enable small businesses to move away from the traditional development process to increase productivity and accelerate economic growth, but also to manage their business more effectively and expand their operations elsewhere," he said. she says. The TPE International Forum is a good example of a public-private partnership aimed at informing and raising awareness about microfinance financial and non-financial support services, he said, noting that it is an opportunity to deepen the debate among pioneers of new technologies, leaders of the public and private sector and actors of digital development, who share the will to build a sustainable and inclusive digital economy in Morocco.


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