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Father's card of the accusée d'être sexiste

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San Francisco (AFP)

Discrimination accusations against technologies of Apple and the bank Goldman Sachs, partner of an Apple Card parenting card, leading to the opening of a survey of New York, confirmation by the Financial Services Regulator Etat americain à l'AFP.

"The Apple Card is a program for a sexist program," tweet jeudi an entrepreneur in America, David Heinemeier Hansson.

"Ma femme and moi-même declare in the taxes conjointement and our sommes mariés after three longtemps. Et pourtant l'algorithme + boîte noire + d'Apple think that j'ai le droit to a credit limit 20 fois plus élevée qu'elle" , at-il continue.

Entrepreneur after tweeting a series of messages, particularly those discussions that are unsuccessful with the customer service of the application and the pending possibility of explaining why the woman is the only one that is eligible for the credits she has.

The qualification of "boîte noire" designates the systems of artificial intelligence, not in the context of the explanation of the raisons as a result of the decisions which are present.

Our all "menessing a survey to determine whether it is from New York to infrequent and we assure you that they have the traits of a man who is like a sex woman" services financiers from New York.

Apple propose after mars dernier l'Apple Card avec de partenaires, Mastercard et la bank Goldman Sachs.

"In the credit decisions of the creditors of clients and non-clients, of the race, the race, the sexual orientation or any other faction interdicted there," says Andrew Williams, porte-parole by Goldman Sachs.

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