Expropriation: a practical guide to ensure the transparency of the procedure


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Expropriation of Justice

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Kiosque360. The Ministry of Administration and Civil Service Reform reveals a practical guide to expropriation for public purposes. One of the objectives of this document is to simplify administrative procedures and improve their transparency.

There is news about expropriation for public purposes, it teaches us Today Morocco in its publication this Tuesday, March 26. In fact, the newspaper indicates that the ministry responsible for reforming the administration and public service has just announced the development of a practical guide for the benefit of citizens. It should be emphasized that the preparation of this guide falls within the scope of the right to property guaranteed by the Constitution, national laws and international conventions … This initiative is also part of the program to improve administrative services. have a direct impact on the day-to-day lives of citizens and aim, in particular, to simplify administrative procedures and improve transparency.

The main idea is to place the citizen at the center of the administration's concerns by expropriating property for public interest purposes, promoting the transparency of the procedure and allowing it to monitor the progress of the various steps. , proposing simple measures to reduce delays in the application of the compensation procedure, Today Morocco. In detail, the work of the committee put in place to find the appropriate solutions resulted in three main results. Thus, the newspaper reports that the first one concerns the preparation of a practical guide on expropriation procedures for the public interest, whose purpose is, inter alia, to harmonize the work of the administrations with a view to correct the expropriation process … The second point concerns a document on citizens' access to compensation. It was developed in two parts. As regards the third point, it is useful information to further simplify the procedure, identifying the areas of complexity of the procedure and proposing appropriate remedies to overcome them. Today Morocco.

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