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Australia expressed its willingness to pave the way for training and academic exchanges with Morocco in the field of agriculture.

The University of Adelaide in Australia is interested in a "long-term" partnership with the Kingdom of Morocco in training, scientific research and university cooperation in agricultural development and irrigation, said Professor Peter Rathjen. , president of the University, currently on an official visit to the Kingdom.

Following a meeting with Mr Aziz AkhannouchPeter Rathjen, president of the University of Adelaide, said he has "an interest in a long-term partnership with the Kingdom to enable academic exchanges and initiate research to unite the two countries," he says. leseco.ma.

He also expressed his country's willingness to establish a partnership with Morocco with which the island continent shares several points in common in sectors such as agriculture, energy, natural resources and mines.

This meeting was also an opportunity to discuss ways to strengthen university cooperation in the areas of agricultural development and irrigation techniques, especially as the climate in southern Australia is similar to that of the Kingdom.

Both sides expressed their willingness to continue efforts to develop skills in the areas of agricultural digitization and new technologies, as well as paving the way for academic exchanges and training in specialized masters courses, the same source said.

Adelaide Public University is among the best in the world and has five Nobel Prizes.


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