even after 74 years, this is an annual screening


The National Council of Gynecologists is launching a campaign on Monday to encourage women over the age of 74 to continue being screened for possible breast cancer.

"Too old for that? Only others believe that." This is the slogan of the campaign launched today by the National College of Gynecologists. They are ringing the alarm so that women over the age of 74 continue to be screened for breast cancer.

Because, even if, from the age of 75, these women no longer receive the invitation for organized screening, they do a mammogram every two years, they must continue to be monitored regularly. It is a matter of life or death according to these experts, which are many even to get in consultation with women in their 75s or 80s who discover they have advanced breast cancer.

So how do you explain this delay in diagnosis? Because of the misconceptions that circulate about it, especially at a certain age, a cancer progresses so slowly that death will be caused by something else. But the doctor and head of the department of breast diseases at the University Hospital of Strasbourg, Carole Mathelin, confirms this, is false. "Breast cancers are good biologically in the beginning, but the problem is that they occur in an environment where patients have fewer immune defenses, where tissues are less competent to block the proliferation of tumors," he says. -is.

A matter of life and death according to these experts

"All this means that, even if they are relatively beautiful in appearance, they evolve rapidly and lead to death," says the expert. So, what these doctors recommend for women over 75, it is especially that they continue surveillance by going to be examined by a general practitioner or a gynecologist once a year. Not to mention a mammogram every two years as long as they are in shape. With these measures, the National College of Gynecologists estimates that it could avoid between 3,000 and 4,000 deaths per year related to breast cancer.


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