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Employability of young people: Tibu Morocco mobilizes more


per Ismail Benbaba at 06/11/2019 at 11:55 PM

Tibu Association

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Kiosque360. The association has just launched a project called "Intilaqa", which aims to stimulate the employability of young people. It is a comprehensive and multifaceted training program that aims to enable recipients to be able to enter the professional world.

Youth employment is central to Tibu's strategy. In this sense, the association launched a new concept called "Intilaqa Initiative". The objective of this new initiative, which is dedicated to young people, is to help young people in NEET (in Education, Employment and Training) through sport with the support of the Drosos Foundation, emphasizes Eco Inspirations in its publication on Wednesday, June 12, adding that this is a project that consists of a comprehensive training program focused on the employability of young people. "This project, in addition to being innovative in its approach to sports training, explores the potential and motivation of about 200 young people to train and work sustainably in a promising sector, the sporting industries. positively to this new project and will do their best, "says Fyras Mawazini, director of the Drosos-Bureau Maroc & Tunisie Foundation.

We learned that the program will be implemented for young people from disadvantaged districts of the city of Casablanca (between 18 and 25 years). In the same way, it indicates the day to day, the academic level of the candidates must be between the core common to the minimum and the BAC level to the maximum. You should also know that applicants must be passionate about sports (all disciplines combined) and be active in neighborhood associations or clubs, etc. "This program will allow beneficiaries to conduct careers as a sports coach, sports manager or even entrepreneur in the field of education through sport. Tibu intends to position the initiative as the most innovative program in the field of youth employability through sport on the African continent "said Mohamed Amine Zariat, president of Tibu Morocco.

According to the newspaper, "Intilaqa" is composed of three axes. The first concerns work-related training and the acquisition of technical and behavioral skills. Another point concerns professional experience in sports education programs, and the last point is the beneficiaries' support in their professional integration through internships and workshops.

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