Dr. Mario World arrives on smartphone! And you can already register there


Starting in July, Dr. Mario World will arrive on our Android and iOS smartphones. Nintendo's new flagship mobile phone will be an opportunity to rediscover the coat of Mario and his doctor.

Nintendo announced the date of July 10. And in addition to confirming this release date, the Japanese company explained how the game would be played, how it would be monetized and what its mechanism would be. Like the previous Dr. Mario franchise games, you will have to destroy viruses by lining up drug capsules of the same color. However, instead of falling conventionally, the pills will go up, and players will have a battery of skills and items that will help them get through the steps and levels.

Little news of passage Mario he will not be the only doctor in town. There will be peach, frog, Bowser or again Yoshi. They will all help and have their own special powers. For example, peach you have the luxury of deleting a column randomly.

As you can see in the video below, Nintendo has also shown his game as well as being an opportunity to learn more about politicization, a taboo subject for a free mobile game. Like many free-to-play games, there will be a resistance system, with hearts filling over time. If you are impatient, you can use real money to fill it artificially. In addition, a premium coin, diamonds, will be offered to buy bonuses, drug capsules that you can use once at your level. It's interesting, especially if you're stuck for a moment in the game.

In any case, know that you can already pre-order (and therefore register) the game, free-to-play, in the blinds of your smartphone. Nintendo has promised at least five worlds to explore since launch.


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