DGNS interacts with the appeal of a Moroccan woman for a horrendous crime in the territory


The National Security Directorate (DGSN) said on Wednesday that it had engaged in a woman's appeal for her brother-in-law's arrest for her alleged involvement in the intentional killing of her sister and her three younger children .

In a statement, the DGSN reported that it has taken note of the messages posted on the social network Facebook by a woman who asks for the arrest of her brother-in-law for her alleged involvement in the voluntary killing on French territory. in 2013, the latter's sister and her three minor children, adding that she suspects he is in a state of flight in Morocco.

In response to the appeal, the statement stated that the Interpol office in Rabat had received the international arrest warrant issued by the French judicial authorities against the wrong cause, stating that all necessary investigations and investigations were conducted but not the case. located in the national territory, which led to generalize this research to facilitate their arrest in accordance with the provisions of international security and judicial cooperation.

The DGSN, which claimed to have been involved in the appeal, wants to ensure that the Interpol office in Rabat continues its close coordination with the French security authorities, with the aim of facilitating the arrest of the suspect and introducing him. before the competent judicial authorities.


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