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Des applications transforment Alexa et Google Assistant en espion

SRLabs are having a difficult time with the envelope and the publication of malicious applications for Alexa and Google Assistant. In the form of a banal service of horoscope, they are espionnent and trompent to collect your passwords and donné personnelles.

Image 1: Application Transformation Alexa and Google Assistant in espion

Ces derniers temps, ce sont plutôt Amazon, Apple et Google qui ont é accusés d'espionner leurs usagers. The assistants of the three trio have firmly recorded conversations with the hassus that the scandale is eclectic. These are not essential uses for retranscription, handling, and further verification of the provision of assistants, but without prior disclosure of the utilities.

These behaviors laissent place maintenant à une nouvelle menace: les applications malveillantes who took part in the mode of operation of assistants for their espionner, et enregistrer des informations personnelles. So at that point it is simple to tromper Amazon, Google et leurs utilisateurs, SRLabs publishes 4 malevolent applications in the form of chambers, they have other validation processes to provide access to them.

Espionner on Alexa and Google Assistant, rien de plus simple

Selon Fabian Bräulein, principal consultant in securité chez SRLabs, the demarche consisted of showing that 'in their manufacture, but also in the case of pirates who abuse their assistants for their privacy'. More experience than beaucoup plus loin that is mettant in evidence of bass failles de sécurité aussi bien dans le validation processus des applications that dans le fonctionnement même des assistants vocaux.

The malevolent applications of the laboratory are present as banal services which are most useful for methods of obtaining personal details, or voting for a pass. After your vote the horoscope, it remains silent for the donor illusion of the plus function, all the more of which you vote for the transmettre sur serveur. After a deuxième cas, the application of your reply to a message of the error which indicates that the service is available in the vote pays, puis remains silent for a few minutes. He reproduces the ensuite voice of his assistants for inviting you to effect a mise to the journals which need to vote for the pass for you to install.

Google and Amazon on Bien sûr Withdrawing Applications et indiquent that le validation processus is in cours de modification pour éviter that of all programs soient à nouveau available. The entreprises do not have any more donets than the changements to come.

The experience of SRLabs has been shown to show the danger that represents a technology in terms of securité, and which makes use of the disposition of the other surveys. One argument is that it is likely to reprove Apple for the purpose of hearing the Siri aux développeurs tiers. For rappel, Spotify aura from attendre iOS 13 pour être commandé via Siri.

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