Crossed destinations, back in your crazy night on isolated cameras


The story could have led to a 2019 Champions League final with Lionel Messi against Cristiano Ronaldo. The chapter writes Tuesday in the quarter-final return decided otherwise. The adventure of the Portuguese stopped abruptly when that of the Argentine continued the next day.

With exclusive footage of RMC Sport, relive the night of two aliens. His challenge was not the same. Lionel Messi and Barcelona had to confirm their victory in the first leg against Manchester United (1-0). Cristiano Ronaldo and Juventus Turin had to work to sweep the Ajax of Amsterdam after the draw in the Netherlands (1-1).

Ronaldo quickly responded to Messi

On Wednesday, Lionel Messi struck twice in four minutes. 21:16, objective. 9:20 p.m., goal. Barcelona was wandering to the halves. The day before, Cristiano Ronaldo left more bursts of annoyance. After a bit of noise from the fans of Bianconeri, it was he who, with a strong header, as in the first match, opened the scoring against Amsterdam. As if something he wanted to disturb, Clément Turpin soothed him with a phone call to the VAR, ultimately without consequences. In a second state, he aimed his skull, arguing to his teammates, "It's in the head! The second now, the second!"

Messi could count on …

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