Courbis gives a layer on Desplat


Very angry with the president of Guingamp, Bertrand Desplat, took him back to him at a press conference.

Rolland Courbis

"In the period that is ours, and we have seen it again with this masquerade of the president of the Guingamp (Bertrand Desplat), nothing is spared, he told reporters on Thursday. We know we're small, but wanting to crush us like cockroaches, we're not, it's more than nasty. We will do our best to stand and never know … Let's play the games and if we lose them, we will not lose or invent the kind of bullshit I just saw. "

"Desplat launched this alert to annoy us"

"I hope that we will quickly give the name of the player Guingamp and Angers." If so, I repeat, I will apologize, the president of Guingamp has launched this alert to annoy us, allows him to stay in Ligue 1, he will have achieved, we can be passionate, preoccupied with the future of your club without exceeding certain limits. "The limits have been surpassed and I hope it will not remain there If it is shown to be an invention, it will end as" I do not know. "

As a reminder, Caen points to the last place in the Ligue 1 ranking, 1 point from … the EAG.

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