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comment the generation of glycemia après les repas

For a person in the midst of diabetes, the glycemic breakthrough before the fights may be filled with a feeling of fatigue, the salutations of the human being, and a certain disorder. Depending on the progress made by other classes of drugs, insulin action plus rapid response, insulin plus administration systems and improved glycemic surveillance (CGM) devices as a leader on the basis of the glycemia before the rep.
Selon the Endocrine Society, which recently reunited with a group of experts in the treatment of diabetes, with the effects of the management of the problems associated with glycemia and their repairs.
Selon an article published in the Journal of the Endocrine Society, the progress of these in the hearing of the other people, and in other cases of the susceptible diseases in the diabetic patients.

Fixer des objectifs concrets

John L. Leahy, MD, College of the University of Vermont Medical School in Burlington, Vermont, where he runs the panel, points out the scientific advances in rapid action maturity, in new medical classes and of administration of the insulin plus souples. and the improved surveillance devices continue from the elderly glycemia to the persons attending diabetes mellitus to the regulator leur glycémie and the additionally the professionnel de la santé to redefine and to the ameliorer the existing traits.

Of other factions of Gérer la glycémie before the repas

The recherche to the journals recom mends the faire of the style changings of which he led to the glycémie for the repas. A certain number of studies on which to consume protein and / or tongues 10 to 15 minutes ahead of which the glucos puissent faire the glycémie is efficacious. Then another one to march to the moons 10 minutes before a repatriation will also lead to the glycemia of the repatriates.

The croissant use of glycemia surveillance devices is generally the collection and examination of donations in time and understanding of the way in which repairs and nutrients are affected by the glycemia and their repairs.

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