cloudy skies on monday in morocco


Here are the weather forecasts for the day of Monday, April 1, 2019, prepared by the National Department of Meteorology:

Periods of overcast with rains scattered by light in Tangier, Western Rif, Loukkos and Gharb.

Patchy clouds with some showers and thunderstorms in the High and Middle Atlas, Southeast and East slopes.

Some misty morning and night formations on the Central and South coasts.

Little heaven to cloudy elsewhere.

Low to moderate wind from southwest to west to north and north to west to south.

Minimum temperature of the order of 01/06 ° C in the reliefs, of 05/11 ° C in the east and southeast slopes, of 08/14 ° C to the north and center and of 12/17 ° C in the southern provinces.

Temperature of the day above the previous day and the order of 09/14 ° C in the reliefs, 17/22 ° C in the north and 12/17 ° C in the south.

Beautiful sea to bit busy in the Mediterranean and Detroit, bit busy between Tarfaya and Dakhla and bit busy to shake somewhere else.

S.L. (with MAP)


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