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CGEM: A Fraudulent Advice Enforced by Hifdi Clan Scammers

Abdelilah Hifdi, chairman of the GEMC parliamentary group. YOUTUBE

Abdelilah Hifdi's clan hoped to assemble a fake board on Wednesday, Oct. 16, after being prevented by the threat that the decision of the directors quorum would postpone it to 24 according to employers' statutes. Trapped in vice, the GCEM secretary general calls a meeting of opposing parties at 3 pm to find consensus on last chance

The often muffled and politicized debates taking place within the employers' organization give way to threats and threats from the Abdelilah Hifdi clan, chairman of the parliamentary group. He decided at all costs to hold a board meeting on Wednesday, October 16, at 4 pm, to set a date for the upcoming presidential elections and to appoint an interim to manage the transition period.

However, Jaouad Hamri, Chairman of the Ethics and Governance Committee, Safia Fassi Fihri, Chairman of the Juridical Committee and Salaheddine Kadmiri, as CGEM's mediator, issued a technical opinion to the directors to agree on the need to keep this Board in full respect. by the statutes of the Confederation.

To this end, letters were sent to the administrators to obtain 1/5th Statutory members approved to hold the Board meeting on October 24, having expired on October 16, not being called within the statutory period of eight days.

The quorum of 20 favorable opinions was exceeded as at least 35 board members responded positively, according to our sources.

CGEM Secretary General under diktat

However, despite this procedure, Secretary-General Youssef Hassouni, who had canceled the date of October 16 mainly because of his lapse, against all odds, declined to send the email calling for October 24. A refusal that cannot justify its role boils down to executing the quorum decision.

According to our sources, Hassouni has come under heavy pressure from Youssef Mouhyi, president of CGEM Marrakech-Safi and vice chairman of the Finance Committee of the Board of Advisors, supported by Abdelhamid Souiri, vice-president of the City Council. This confirms that it is really the Hifdi clan of the parliamentary group that fires all the wood to impose its timetable, while its active members in this crisis are not all statutory, not de facto members, it is the sector federations and the regions. MEGC.

Except that the legalist camp had planned to counter the threat of resorting to bailiffs to ensure that the meeting scheduled for Wednesday was not convened by an official decision and therefore all its conclusions and recommendations will be void. no avenues.

Taken in vice, the secretary-general ended up cutting the pear in half. By late mail sent on October 15th to the members of the Board of Directors, whose The desk got a copy, it explains that "The members of this Board requested the convening of a new Board within the legal timeframe"but at the same time "Several ex officio members apprehended him in order to maintain the nomination on the 16th." So he writes, "To allow everyone's proposals and recommendations to be brought together, a meeting of the ex officio Council members is scheduled for October 15 at 3 pm to discuss the departure from the current situation and the management of the next deadlines."

Clearly, the General Secretariat ignores the quorum decision, as it does not call for the Council to be decided yet on October 24 (the date is not in its email) and gives in to the request of some non-members calling the majority one hour before the meeting. announced by those hoping to hold a Council on Wednesday …

Therefore, the MEGC is obviously taken hostage by the men brought to power by Salaheddine Mezouar, despite his departure.

"It's a shameless mess" comments an administrator. "People are outraged at how inherited Mezouar gangs further degrade CGEM in these difficult times, while the 5,000 members have a right to know what's going on."he regrets.

As the outcome of this last chance match is still uncertain, this circle seems to succeed in imposing its conditions on what promises to be a fake painting whose Mouhyi announced the color at the same time. The economist and 360, claiming a coup led by Jaouad Hamri.

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