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Breast Cancer Prevention Day at the Maine Clinic in Laval

As part of the global fight against breast cancer in October, Roche launches the 3rd edition of the "Palp Action" operation. Awareness and information workshops are held in 100 hospitals in France this month At the Maine clinic in Laval, a prevention day was held yesterday, thanks to a silicone bust made available for palpation.

1 in 8 women at risk of developing breast cancer

The best weapon to fight breast cancer is prevention. At the Maine clinic, a learning palpation session was held on thursday with silicone bust where hide sizes. A clinic surgeon demonstrates: & # 39; It starts with the observation, in the bathroom standing in front of the mirror, you need to see if there is any difference. For example, if there is a recent change in color, a nipple will come in a little. After lying down and examining each breast with the hand on the other side and feeling with the outstretched hand. If you take two minutes, you'll notice a size ".

It is precisely by palpating that Sylvie detects a size at age 40. Since then she has removed her breasts: "I felt regularly in the bath because I had aunts who died and died of breast cancer. I felt a size and was reprimanded because it was already big enough. It's a bomb and I don't know if it's a denial, but it's true that I felt a lump and didn't go to the doctor right away. " from here the interest of consulting a doctor quickly in case of doubt. Anne, 48, did not know how to make a palpation until now: "I watch regularly, but I don't know if I can diagnose anything or feel it is important to have a class. _I didn't know we had to go to the base of the gorge._" She is now ready to show good gestures to her daughter and her friends and intends to do so regularly. 40% of women in Mayenne get mammograms, which means 60% don't. It is advisable to do a screening every two years and a palpation every two months.

Busty photo exposure

Cecile and Sylvie were removed from the breast. They enjoy this pink October month to show off their photos. at the Maine clinic hall in Laval, Topless photos. They do breast ablation for her, but also for everyone else with breast cancer. They are proud to be able to take over their breasts today. Cecile had breast cancer in 2013 and underwent left breast ablation: "I think I accepted my body as it is today, it was not easy, because I remember hair loss, weight gain, ablation, did not recognize how much more my body, I think that with the pictures we did a therapy, we learned to live with our body we change but it's us ".

Cécile and Sylvie have been removed and are proud to be able to take over the breast today - Radio France
Cécile and Sylvie underwent breast removal and are proud to be able to take over their breasts today © Radio France
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