Bragi abandons the headphone market to focus on its technology


Bragi will stop selling wireless headphones. The German company will now focus its resources on its intellectual property and licenses for its artificial intelligence technologies, confirmed CEO Nikolaj Hviid on the website Wareable. This is the end of the audio product market for the general public.

Last month, Bragi sold the headphones business to a third-party name unknown. Support for product users will continue to be provided through the usual channels at the moment, while the new owner will be responsible for the after-sales service. Bragi's first product goes back to 2014; the builder had launched through a Kickstarter project that broke into the house ($ 3.4 million collected).

Bragi declined his headphones until the Dash Pro, launched in the spring of 2017. In addition to its Bluetooth connection, these products have the particularity of integrating an activity tracker and a large dose of artificial intelligence (support Watson, IBM and Alexa) . The idea was to bring to the ears a real "audio computer".

All of these technologies have attracted several big names. During the summer of 2017, at least two potential buyers would have knocked on the door: Fitbit and Google. Finally, Bragi decided to remain alone. Let's see how far this will lead the company.


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