Beware of pre-paid scams on LeBonCoin!


Phishing Wave via SMS targets site users LeBoncoin Small Ads

(CCM) – Who has not yet sold or bought an item, clothing or other leboncoin ? Launched 13 years ago in France, the free ads site between individuals has never been so popular. And, inevitably, feeds the greed of evil little ones who intend to take advantage of the system. In fact, many site vendors have been the victims of SMS phishing attempts.

As reported by our colleagues at Le Particulier, people who recently put several properties on sale received an SMS indicating that a prepayment was made for the purchase. In SMS, a link to a page similar to LeBonCoin indicating that a prepayment was pending, but that had to confirm his bank details and pay a very innocent transfer of € 0.01. What sniff the blow.

Especially since other clues can put the chip in the ear. For example, the SMS number from Romania. Or the fact that the link returns to the address instead of the official address. Or even if the page, full of flaws, intends to "make the request" even if we have not asked for anything. In short, a pack of clues that will disturb well-informed people. But the scheme could still run with people less aware of these unscrupulous schemes.

Aware of the problem, the LeBonCoin team warned their customers about the current wave of phishing, alerting them to being suspicious and reporting suspicious messages to the 33700 spam-fighting platform. LeBonCoin also advises to privilege its internal message to any exchange, to avoid unpleasant surprises. From our side, we remember that it is always dangerous to click on the link of a message sent by an unknown contact or even reply.

Photo: © LeBonCoin.


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