Sunday , October 24 2021

Banco Attijariwafa Europa joins French Matmut


Attijariwafa Bank Europe is expanding its range of products and services offered in its French subsidiaries. Since Tuesday, the 11th, the European subsidiary of banking banking group Attijariwafa offers residential insurance solutions from the insurance company Matmut to its customers.
The new offerings of the banking subsidiary in France are the result of a recently signed distribution partnership with the mutual insurer to offer equity insurance solutions to its clients.
This distribution partnership reflects the banking group's desire to expand its reach after its customers have expressed their desire to benefit from quality insurance solutions.
"For Matmut, it confirms a dynamic partnership policy, including beyond its traditional mutual perimeter, and in its core businesses, personal property and accident insurance," the insurer said in a statement reminding further that Inter Mutuelles Assistance , of which Matmut is a shareholder, is already a partner of Attijariwafa bank Europe under a personal assistance agreement.
It should be noted that, under the abovementioned distribution agreement, the "primary residence", "secondary residence" and "non-home occupant" insurance policies are now offered in the French branches of the European subsidiary of the Moroccan group. .
Enough to satisfy Abdelaziz Yaaqoubi, CEO of Attijariwafa bank Europe, which ensures that Matmut is a reputed partner in the insurance industry in France, whose reputation is well established.
He is convinced that "partnering with a partner with great know-how and unrivaled expertise is a real opportunity for Attijariwafa bank Europe".
In addition to being part of the bank's overall strategic vision, Abdelaziz Yaaqoubi says that this association "will allow us to expand our range of insurance products, on the one hand, and, on the other, to offer our clients complete services, quality and tailored to their needs.
As deputy general manager of Matmut's Property and Casualty Insurance, Olivier Sharin believes that this partnership is, above all, a new recognition of the mutual insurer's experience in non-life insurance.
In addition to being recognized for its expertise, Matmut has been an automobile insurer since 1962 and has offered residential insurance since 1968.
Thus, "in a proximity approach, we want to bring to our partner's clients the best possible insurance coverage for their products, and at the best price," he explains, ensuring that the insurer closely monitors Attijariwafa Europe's advisors in its mission of consulting.
In this regard, the statement states that "if the management of the insurance contracts marketed in the network of agencies Attijariwafa bank Europe, in France, continue to be operated by Matmut, special care is taken in the training of business managers.
In this context, more than 175 hours of insurance mediation training, on the one hand, and Matmut products, on the other hand, are provided to 67 employees in France's Attijariwafa Europe bank, we have learned.
Present in France, Belgium, Spain, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands, through 60 branches, Attijariwafa bank Europe currently has more than 87,000 customers. To better serve customers and companies with business lines between Europe and Africa, the French subsidiary of Attijariwafa Bank specializes in various banking and financial businesses.
A major player in the French insurance market, Matmut has more than 3.8 million members and manages 7.2 million insurance contracts. It covers a wide range of personal and property insurance products (car, motorcycle, boat, home, personal care, family protection, health, legal protection and assistance) and financial and savings services (auto loans, project, savings, life insurance …). Matmut now has 6,200 employees.

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