Bachelor's degrees will now be manufactured and insured by Dar As-Sikkah


Ministry of National Education

CONVENTION – Act, the operation begins this year. It is from now on that the Al-Maghrib Bank (BAM) will have to conceive, carry out and guarantee all the certificates / diplomas issued by the establishments coming from the departments of National Education, vocational training, higher education and scientific research.

The compromise was sealed by an agreement signed Friday by the Minister of National Education, Vocational Training, Higher Education and Scientific Research, Said Amzazi, and the governor of BAM, Abdellatif Jouahri.

As a barrier to attempts to falsify state diplomas, this convention specifically concerns the diploma and transcription of the baccalaureate, as well as the certificate of completion of primary and secondary education. The diplomas awarded by vocational training and higher education are also concerned, says a statement from the Ministry of Education.

Ministry of National Education

This 10-year renewable operation will present these national diplomas to Dar As-Sikka, the body responsible for producing the Moroccan currency, in order to fulfill the objective established by both partners. The Ministry of National Education seeks, he emphasizes, "strengthen the credibility" of their diplomas, but also certify according to the "latest technologies used internationally".

To this end, the Amzazi ministry is committed to "giving access to all the data and information necessary to achieve" this project. And, in turn, BAM is committed to ensuring quality.


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