Tuesday , October 26 2021

Baccalaureate. Oriental, national success rate star


For the fourth year in a row, the Eastern region reported the highest success rate for baccalaureate exams (June 2019 session) at the national level, or 72.3 percent, the Regional Education Academy said. Education and Training (AREF) of Oriental.

In a statement, the AREF reported that the number of candidates who passed the exams for this session reached 15,076, including 14,046 students and 1,030 free candidates.

The success rate achieved this year in the eastern region rose by 8.29 points compared to the June 2018 session, AREF said, adding that, in terms of private education, the number of students passing the exams was 566 , up 12.06 points from the same session last year.

The success rate reached 96.66 pc for international baccalaureate students, compared to 76.31 bp for the professional baccalaureate.

A total of 7,399 people received a mention, that is, 49.07 of the laureates, including 1,048 candidates who got the distinction very well. The mention was obtained by 1,987 laureates, and the mention very well by 4,364 other graduates.

It should be noted that the highest score obtained in the eastern region during this session was 19.17, made by student Oumaima Stouri, reporting to the Provincial Board of Nador (Physical Sciences section).

In addition, 8,597 candidates will attend the recovery session, which will be held according to schedule, the statement said.

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