Ayrton Senna: memorable races


Ayrton Senna is still considered one of the greatest riders in F1 history. Let's review, in seven steps, some of the most important events of your glorious career, but too short.

1984 | The unfinished climb.

Ayrton Senna: memorable races

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In his sixth F1 start, Ayrton Senna raises his arm in victory aboard his modest Toleman in Monaco. But that is before the race director gives the victory to Alain Prost.

1985 | First Consecration

At Lotus, Senna soon spread his talent, again in the rain, to win, at Estoril Portugal, the first of his 41 wins in F1.

1986 | Victory snatch.

In favor of superhuman efforts, he resists Nigel Mansell to win the Spanish Grand Prix at Jerez de la Frontera, with a lead of 0.014 seconds, the third lowest in history.

1988 | The mythical pole.

He beats Alain Prost in qualifying, winning the lead with 1.4 seconds ahead of his teammate. Largely in the lead during the race, however, he makes a rare mistake of offering victory to his great rival.

1989 | The conspiracy.

Another episode of the epic fight against Prost: at the Japanese Grand Prix, Senna attacks his teammate, but the last closes the door and the two cling. The Brazilian can start again, win the event, but he is later disqualified. Senna will accuse Jean-Marie Balestre, president of the International Automobile Federation, whose friendship with Prost is known, favor the French, who will be crowned world champion.

1990 | For the last time.

Senna greets fans on the circuit of Gilles Villeneuve. Unfortunately, this will be the last of his two wins in Montreal.

1991 | A public filled.

Senna pleases his compatriots by postponing his National Grand Prix for Interlagos. Exhausted, he fights to lift the trophy from the winner.


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