Avoiding eating this meat reduces the risk of cancer



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Red meat has characteristics that may increase the risk of developing colon cancer. As a result, scientists do not recommend eating regularly, even in small amounts.

A daily consumption of red meat and processed meat from any animal, beef, pork or lamb, even in small quantities, may increase the risk of colon cancer, say scientists at Oxford University. They published the results of their research in the International Journal of Epidemiology.

Scientists conducted their research for six years. To examine the effects of the consumption of this meat on human health, they collected data from 500,000 patients. Doctors have recorded 2,609 cases of colon cancer among people aged 40-69 years.

Thus, they found that the risk of developing this type of cancer persisted in individuals who consumed about 76 grams of red meat a day, and was higher than those who had eaten 21 grams or less.

The chances of having colon cancer were also 15% higher for people who ate about 54 grams of meat regularly, compared to those who ate only eight grams a day.

Finally, observed patients who ate 29 grams of processed meat per day had 19% more colon cancer than people who consumed only five grams per day.


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