Auvergne: volunteers sought for a study on the electronic cigarette


The Emile Roux dispensary unit in Clermont-Ferrand is looking for volunteers to participate in a study on the effectiveness of electronic cigarettes in smoking cessation.

Is Electronic Cigarette Effective To Quit Smoking? That's what the tobacco experts at the Emile Roux dispensary in Clermont-Ferrand want to know. For a study that is expected to last four years, 650 volunteers are wanted in France to be followed for free for 6 months by doctors.

they "will benefit from personalized counseling, advice on smoking cessation, and will receive a kit consisting of an electronic cigarette and the necessary fluids (with or without nicotine), but also tablets (reference drug to help with smoking cessation or placebo) to drink every day, says the launch of Saint-Joseph Saint-Luc hospital in Lyon, which also participates in the study.

A national study

Launched in France in the late 2000s, electronic cigarettes in 2016 accounted for about 1.7 million users a day, according to AP-HP (Public Assistance РH̫pitaux de Paris). According to the Lyon hospital, "Knowledge of the efficacy of these products and the potential risk associated with their use are not significant enough to position e-cigarettes as an aid to quitting smoking".

It is within the framework of the ECSMOKE study, initiated at the end of 2018, coordinated by the AP-HP, to evaluate the efficacy of the electronic cigarette, as an aid to quit smoking, in relation to the reference medicine. in the field: varenicline. There are 13 health institutions participating in this national project, the Emile Roux dispensary being the only establishment mobilized in Auvergne

Conditions to comply

To participate in this study, the eligibility criteria are as follows: smoke at least 10 cigarettes a day for at least a year, be between 18 and 70 years old and be motivated to stop smoking.

For more information, you can contact the dispensary on 04 73 14 50 80.


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