An Australian influencer refused to enter the Louvre because of his dress


An Australian influencer refused to enter the Louvre because of his dress

Paris : You were told that the mother of little Charlie, 7, was explained in the video that was broadcast and we talked to you about the moving words of a 5-year-old child who died in his mother's arms as a result of a tumor . This time we come up with a lighter subject. An Australian influencer was barred from entering the Louvre because of his clothes, we'll tell you more.

An anecdote she's not ready to forget

Newsha Syeh is an Australian influencer with 270,000 followers in her Instagram account. Known for her selfies and travel diaries, she had a great adventure in Paris.

In fact, while traveling through the capital, she had to visit the unmissable Louvre Museum. However, destiny decided otherwise. A bodyguard denied him access! The reason? Your clothes!

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It is in an Instagram story that she told this story. "He made the most repulsive and horrible gestures and facial expressions, he swore that he would cover me." His eyes filled with hatred, he stopped me from entering. My heart broke because I thought the Louvre had freed itself from this kind of archaic law. Apparently no …she wrote.

She did not hesitate to post a picture of her outfit: she wore a black dress with a low-cut veil on her legs. In the caption: "Picasso would have loved my clothes."

But as everything runs to the best of the best worlds, the influencer was finally able to visit the museum. In an interview with The Daily Mail, she explained: "If I had visited a church, I would have understood and dressed appropriately."

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