Alexa now allows companies to create private skills


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Amazon wants to democratize the use of its Alexa voice assistant in companies. To that end, she announced that she is now giving companies the opportunity to create their own skills, facilitating the sharing of professional information and at the same time ensuring confidentiality.

O skills are features to add Alexaso that the application is able to respond to more commands. There are tens of thousands of people, developed by professionals or individuals, ranging from instant information to games, through DELETED.

Professional skills that are easy to design

and Amazonas you'll see your skills catalog get rich. A few weeks ago, the company made its Alexa Skill Blueprints tool available to the public to facilitate the design of these features. A tool that now comes in a business version.

In fact, Amazon announced the launch ofAlexa for business plans. The purpose of this service is to enable create your private skillswithout writing a single line of code. Thus, any employee can use the interface to enrich the voice assistant, with the help of prerecorded models. However, each skill requires to be validated by an administrator to be deployed in the company.

Confidentiality of data

In this way, Alexa can become a true professional assistant, able to provide the Wi-Fi password for a new attendee, or to indicate if a meeting room is free in a particular slot.

By now, companies could already design their skills by using the Alexa Skill Blueprints program for individuals. But, according to Amazon, this process was very complex and time-consuming. From now on, the maneuver should be more efficient, without neglecting data security, which should be accessible only to company employees.

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