After a mistake by BNP-Paribas, a trader claims 152 million euros


It is a bank error in your favor that could pay you too much. Armin. S, an independent trader, says no less than EUR 152 million for BNP Paribas, says Le Parisien. The two parties have an appointment Thursday before the Commercial Court of Paris. " We left for a procedure marathon, but I'm sure that in the end I'm going to win He says on a daily basis.

In December 2015, Armin S. invests 326,425 euros in a financial product launched by BNP-Paribas. But the 3000 titles purchased by the trader at a price of 108.80 euros per unit are worth 54,400 euros each. A total of 162 million euros. The transaction is canceled only one week later, and unilaterally, by the bank. Armin S. claims damages and interest that amount to the amount of capital gain he could have expected, or 152 million euros. " I was
persuaded that the BNP would compromise, so that this error in turn is not made public ", Says the independent trader.


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