Abandonment of AirPlay: Netflix can no longer guarantee the "best experience"


Netflix removed AirPlay support from your iPhone and iPad app because of " technical limitations "A rather short explanation that opens the door to all speculation; The Verge some clarifications welcome.

Netflix wants to make sure its users benefit from a " great experience From the service, regardless of the device used. Support for the AirPlay protocol by third-party devices – including: connected TVs from Sony, LG, Samsung, Vizio, as well as Roku and Amazon cabinets – no longer allows Netflix to differentiate the device being used: what an Apple TV or something else? However, it is this distinction that allows the service to provide the user with the best experience, explains the company.

" Therefore, we have decided not to support AirPlay anymore, to ensure that our reading quality standards are respected. "Netflix indicates that access to your service remains available through your tvOS app.This case still has a strange taste because the support of AirPlay 2 by third parties is undoubtedly the subject of Apple's close supervision, and we can imagine that the "experience" Netflix would not have suffered.

It is impossible, however, to know what is going on between all these companies. Maybe one morning, Netflix will restore the compatibility of your iOS application with AirPlay …


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