A new nasal spray against all types of flu


What if a simple nasal spray was enough to effectively protect you against different circulating influenza viruses? A kind of universal vaccine in a way. That is at least what researchers consider after having been able to produce artificial antibodies that protect mice against sixty strains of the virus.

Every year, at the beginning of winter, it's the same story. The flu is coming and the health authorities are encouraging us to vaccination. The problem is that the vaccine against influenza is not effective against all virus strains. That's why the researchers worked on an alternative. They present today a solution that could fight no less than sixty strains of flu virus.

All thanks to the engineering of antibody. And for the lamas! The camelid produces, in fact, antibody particularly interesting because of its small size. The researchers first injected llamas, a vaccine containing three influenza viruses, as well as protein Viral surface of two other strains. The four resulting antibodies were able to neutralize each of the various influenza strains.

Will the antibodies derived from the sludge be tolerated by humans? The question remains. © Marcel Hurni, Fotolia

Effective against 60 strains of influenza virus

The researchers then designed a gene expressing a protein derived from these four antibodies. And they incorporated him into a harmless virus – an adeno-associated virus (AAV) – which has already been proven in experiments with gene therapy. Laboratory tests showed that the superantibody prevented infection by 60 different influenza viruses, both in group A and in group B.

To test the validity of the solution in the living, the researchers have, among otherapplicationHe injected the antibodies into the nostrils of rats. The influenza survival rates of treated rats were significantly higher than those of untreated rats. The tests should now be performed on humans.

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