Thursday , October 21 2021

a fake Zuckerberg video will remain on Instagram


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San Francisco (AFP)

Does the CEO of Facebook brag publicly about controlling billions of "stolen" data? Artists posted on Instagram a "deepfake" video Mark Zuckerberg, hyper-realistic rigging. But no preferential treatment: the social network subsidiary will not remove the object from the offense.

"Imagine this for a second: a man with full control of the stolen data of billions of people, their secrets, their lives, their future … I owe it all to Spectrum Spectrum has shown me that whoever controls the data controls the future," says "fake" Mark Zuckerberg in this little video posted on Instagram by British artist Bill Posters to promote his "Specter" project, which wants to denounce the drifts of technology giants.

According to their website, Bill Posters and Daniel Howe, also an artist, created "deepfake" videos with startups specializing in artificial intelligence that also tell nonsense to Starlette Kim Kardashian or Donald Trump.

"Spectrum" is also a reference to the powerful and evil secret organization, the enemy of James Bond.

Mark Zuckerberg's video deflects a true statement from the young CEO of US television and obviously refers to controversies related to the management of his Facebook users' personal data, but also to the proliferation of "infox" and other manipulations on the network who refuses to be the arbiter of truth.

In this case, the two artists do not try to fool Internet users, the videos are accompanied by the #deepfake hashtag but they highlight such manipulated videos, that advances in artificial intelligence make it increasingly realistic and easy to achieve, opening the door to dealing with actions of formidable efficiency.

"We will treat this content in the same way that we treat all the wrong information on Instagram." "If the external verifiers + fact checkers + confirm it as false, it will not appear in the recommendations," he replied. Instagram in an email to AFP.

Facebook would have been ridiculed if it had excluded the video from its boss: by the end of May, Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi was angry with the social network, which refused to delete a manipulated video in which the elected democratic seemed express herself with difficulty, as if she were drunk.

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