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5th financial education session for the benefit of the Fellahs

The Crédit Agricole Group of Morocco (GCAM) is currently launching its 5th training session in the Draa-Tafilalet region, which is part of its program launched in 2017, with the objectives of financial inclusion and improving the skills of the most vulnerable populations in rural areas.

The training included the locations of the different provinces and localities in the region (Midelt, Imilchil, Boumia, Zaida, Rich, Boumalene-Dades, Tinghir and Kelaat M & # 39; Gounha) for the month of October 2018. During the month of November of 2018 (from the 12th to the 29th) will be held the formations dedicated to the provinces of Errachidia, Ourazazate and Zagora.

The training sessions of the global financial education program in rural areas are organized around 5 modules:

Determination, quantification and prioritization of investment projects (professional and family),

The formalization of a simplified budget and its mode of interpretation,

The financing plan, the weighted and justified use of bank credit and the analysis of the risks of over-indebtedness,

Demystification of the bank and the usefulness of a bank account

Banking on basic products and services and saving methods.

Almost 100 GCAM executives were trained and mobilized specifically for the needs of this program, supported by teams of supervisors and logistical support and supervised by specialists from the Moroccan Foundation for Financial Education (FMEF).

To date, four major rural empowerment activities have been carried out (the fifth is in progress) in more than 100 locations and for the benefit of more than 8,000 smallholder farmers and rural households, particularly women and children. youth.

The training is interactive and participatory, based on stories and illustrative examples from rural areas. It is often co-facilitated by the beneficiaries themselves to better assimilate the content and key messages of the training modules. Almost 25% of sites are dedicated exclusively to women.

Launched in late 2017 to train more than 20,000 small farmers by 2020, the program targets the more remote areas with the aim of raising awareness of the importance of numbers on a farm and / or rural families and, in particular, the issues raised by the low profitability or non-profitability of certain activities practiced, thus paving the way for the margins of progress, income improvement and living conditions of the target population.

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