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54 € only the box of TV Xiaomi Mi Box S

The Xiaomi Mi Box S

Banggood's commercial website is currently offering flash sale Regarding the box Xiaomi Mi Box S. TV With this sale in flash, she sees her price fall to only 54.02 euros (excluding optional shipping guarantee). The shipping costs are very low, only 1.64 euros, using the "Priority Direct Mail" delivery method. The total price including shipping is therefore 55.66 euros.

To take advantage of this promotion, you'll need to move on Banggood Webpage. As this is a flash sale, there is no coupon to register to benefit from this good plan. Strict warning: Like all flash sales, it is limited. The discount can therefore be terminated at any time.

Introducing the Xiaomi Mi Box S

The Xiaomi Mi Box S comes in the shape of a square with rounded corners of 10 cm. At the top you'll find the Xiaomi logo, while on the back you'll find an HDMI port, a USB port, a 3.5mm audio port and a power port. The camera is definitely minimal, which obviously is a good thing.

The remote control also goes to the basics. At the top you'll find the power button and the voice search button to activate Google Assistant. Below is the presence of a directional pad and a selection button, then a button to open the application drawer, a Back button and a button to access the home page. It is relatively easy to get used to and anyone familiar with Android devices and their configuration should have no problem.


The Xiaomi Mi Box S can be inexpensive, but that does not mean it lacks features, including support for 4K and HDR technology.

In addition to support for high-resolution video, Mi Box S also features Android TV 8.1. That means you'll be able to take advantage of Android TV's huge ecosystem of apps, plus services like Google Cast, the ability to mirror your Android smartphone, Google Assistant, and more.

Android TV also offers access to a wide variety of applications. There are obvious apps for a TV box like Netflix and YouTube, but there are also a number of lesser-known games and services that might be useful.


The physical configuration of the Xiaomi Mi Box is very simple, as you might expect: just connect the HDMI port to your TV, the power port to an outlet and that's it. Then, insert the batteries into the remote control, turn on the TV and the device and follow the on-screen instructions.

Like any Android device, you'll be prompted to sign in to your Google Account and set your privacy preferences. If you have other Android devices, Google will also look at the applications in your account and recommend some that you can download to Mi Box S, which will speed up the process of customizing your device according to your needs.

About Banggood Dealer

The merchant Banggood is starting to call in France. The explanation is simple: this Chinese site features electronic gadgets, smartphones for drones, not to mention connected objects, at generally cheaper prices than those offered by traditional e-commerce heavyweights.

And that's the particularity of the Banggood site. We are familiar with the well-known giants Amazon and eBay, as well as the Cdiscount. Banggood is a Chinese company whose growth outside China is fully assumed. As proof, published rates fluctuate subtly at night. This is the consequence of the evolution of the currencies between the euro displayed for a European user and the reference dollar. But make no mistake: these are materials that, in the passage of your request, will be for some envoys from Asia. Note that Banggood is currently increasing the number of its warehouses on the old continent, which allows to offer an optimized delivery time without the risk of additional costs or delays in customs clearance.

Also: the choice is impressive … very small. Explanation: Referenced products from Chinese brands recognized with Huawei bridgehead, Xiaomi and OnePlus for mobile devices, or DJI for drones, but not brands like Apple or Samsung. On the other hand, there are devices printed by Chinese companies that do not exist in France, in large numbers, with an attractive appearance and at a price inferior to its equivalent in the brands with which we are accustomed.

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