You really need to work out – Mayor says to the woman


Los Mochis, Sin.- Once again Ahome Municipal President Manuel Guillermo Chapman Moreno made reference to overweight people, this time on Friday morning at an event that took place in the Falklands colony.

A neighbor in this sector came to make a series of
orders, and in the midst of the dynamics, he told the mayor that at the
He sought to work in the direction of Public Security, for which he asked
If you would like to work in the corporation and find an answer
Positive, Chapman Moreno told him without further ado: "But you really have to do
exercise ", which provoked the laughter of those present.

Neighbor: "Yes, I really like that, that's why I studied …" he explained.

Mayor: "And you would like to work in the corporation? …"

Neighbor: "… well, the truth is …"

Mayor: "… if you are interested in going back to work, I think you can talk to the commander (Carlos Francisco) Rodríguez Ponce, but you really need to exercise, right …"

Neighbor: "… it's because I've eaten, I know," was heard.

After this situation the neighbor of Las Malvina did not hide it
While the mayor of Ahome continued his
microphone for gifts and listen to requests.

It is worth remembering that Manuel Guillermo last April
Chapman sparked a controversy over diagnosing a girl a terrible obesity
and horrible, a situation that transcended the national level, shortly after it was learned that
during his campaign, he faced a similar situation against a young woman.


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